Outtakes – Part 1

S.F. Giants, San Francisco Giants, Photo, Fan Fest, Fans

Fans were excited to get into AT&T Park and kick off the 2012 Fan Fest.

We take about 60,000 photos a year, but some of our favorites are never highlighted so we thought it would be fun to blog featuring the outtakes from 2012 (so far).

S.F. Giants, San Francisco Giants, Photo, Sergio Romo

Sergio Romo get's decked out for a commercial promoting Irish Heritage Night

S.F. Giants, San Francisco Giants, Photo, Lou Seal

SJ Giants mascot, Gigante and Lou Seal at the San Jose Giants Fan Fest

S.F. Giants, San Francisco Giants, Photo, Pablo Sandoval

Orange Pandas can be spotted in the wilds of AT&T Park, and at our Dugout Stores

S.F. Giants, San Francisco Giants, Photo, Madison Bumgarner

While getting his eyes checked Madison Bumgarner does his best Superman impersonation

S.F. Giants, San Francisco Giants, Photo,

Urinals with a view - what more can we say?


I love that you’re going to share some outtakes. Everyone likes a glimpse behind the scenes. Not that they’re not aesthetically pleasing and all but just out of curiosity, why were you taking pictures of the urinals? Were they just archival?

I’m glad you like the post – we’ll try to do more through the year! Updating the configuration of some of the concession stands and bathrooms was one of our major projects this offseason and one of the fun outcomes was these urinals – I have an incredible urge to photoshop one of the panda hats looking in through the window🙂

Or the head and neck of a giraffe walking by. : D

Wanted to let you know, the formatting is a little messed up again when viewed in Mozilla Firefox.

Cannot wait for Sergio’s commercial. Also, y’all could post all 60k photos and I’d be fine with it. I can kill hours on Flickr, so if you ever want to unload excess photos, I’m your gal😉

Fun stuff. I hope you post more soon!

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