Happy Birthday – Willie Mays

SF Giants, san francisco giants, photo, 2012, willie  mays

On his birthday last year, Willie Mays meet with some Jr. Giants in a pregame ceremony.

Today is Willie Mays’ Birthday! The last year has been a great one for Willie Mays – from catching up with the President at the White House to getting a jersey signed by Tony Bennett – we hope the coming year is as remarkable as the last.  Happy Birthday Willie!

Let us know what your favorite memory of WIllie Mays is and we will be sure he sees them.

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Willie celebrated winning the 2010 World Series with the Giants and President Obama at the White House on July 25, 2011

sf giants, san francisco, willie mays, tony bennett, mike murphy, 2011, photo

Willie meet with Tony Bennett and Mike Murphy before the Giant’s game on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

willie mays, angel pagan, 2012, photo, san francisco giants, sf giants

Willie chatted with Angel Pagan during the pregame festivities on Opening Day.

alvin dark, willie mays, 2012, photo, opening day, sf giants, san francisco giants

Alvin Dark and Willie were able to catch up on during the 1962 Reunion on Opening Day.

2011, photo, sf giants, san francisco giants, willie mays

Willie checks out a pair of custom made World Series boots before the game on August 4, 2011.

willie mays, hall of fame, sf giants, san francisco giants, ny giants, new york giants, cooperstown

Willie Mays’ Hall of Fame Plaque.


Happy Birthday Willie! We all want you to celebrate many many more birthdays for you are the “Great One” and a true baseball legend!
I was fortunate enough to be at Giants Spring training in 1986, strolling around, as you could back then, when suddenly there you were standing next to me in full uniform. You stopped and chatted with me and then stunned me by offering to autograph something for me. I believe that you even provided me with a piece of paper for your signature.
Not realizing that it was officially “Willie Mays Day” until I found the article in the news the next day, I put the article and your autograph together and years later I gifted my oldest son with that priceless treasure.
I still can’t believe my luck being there that particular day. Interacting with you, Mr. Mays, was a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that as a person who loves the game of baseball and the San Francisco Giants (and I do) will never take for granted.
I also ran into Gary Radnich that day. He was making his first visit to Giants Spring Camp and I was obviously his only fan at the time because he spent a great deal of time listening to me relate my Mays experience. Then he proudly informed me that he was having a private personal interview with you later that day and invited me to attend. Gary even gave me a handwritten invite to attend the interview which was closed to the public.
I wasn’t able to make it but from what I understand neither did you. I still get a kick out of teasing him about it and whether or not the “nap” story is correct it still makes me smile.
Thank you for all the memories you have given so many fans!
Warm Regards,

Happy Birthday Willy.
I was 7 years old in 1962, the year I bacame a baseball fan. TV games were rare at that time, but I remember listening on the radio, and following the race, including the playoff with LA. And of course watching the Series on TV — we actually watched part of it at school.
In the years that followed it was always a huge thrill to go to the ball park (bundeled up of course, since it was Candelstick) or watching games on TV and always expecting a great catch, or a home run from you.
When I was 10 or 12 years old, I thought you were old. Now I’m in my 50’s and you seem young.
Best Wishes,


We all have our Willie Mays stories, and I am no different. I was 8 years old when the Giants came to San Francisco (yes that makes me pretty old now). I remember going to games with my Dad, first at Seals Stadium, and then at Candlestick. I have so many memories of good baseball and good times, but most of all having the privilege of watching you play. My favorite memory of you is when I took my son to the unveiling of the model of what was to become ATT Park. You were in attendance, and I got to watch your face as you saw the model and asked questions. You said “They are building me a ball park!” Every time I walk through the gates, I feel I entering your ballpark! I cherish each time we get to see you at the ballpark. I hope it continues for many many more years. Happy Birthday Willie, and thank you for all the memories!


Happy Birthday, Willie. I saw my first Giants game in 1960 and you immediately became my favorite player. There are so many memories from the Stick that it would be impossible to recount them all in this limited space.

You did everything with a flair unknown before or after your time in the game. Your affect on me as a human being can be summed up in one phrase: I was a young white boy that wanted to be Willie Mays.

Many thanks for all you have done and the elan you did it with.

Happy Birthday, now and always,


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Say Hey Willie, Happy B’day! I have been your biggest fan since I was 2 years old (1958). I believe “Say Hey Willie” was the first thing I ever said? (I will have to check my baby book?) Anyway, You were the “Best” EVER!!! God Bless You, Tommy Powers

Happy birthday Willie Mays. You really are a possitive role model for baseball as well as life itself. Thanks for all you do. My husband and I now have a brick in the Willie Mays Plaza. A gift from our families for our 25th anniversary. We renewed our vows at AT&T Park in December. Got married at Candlestick Park homeplate.

Favorite memory, was chatting with Willie in the locker room at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh on a rainey day in 1966 with Jim Davenport. Happy Birthday Willie!

As an 11 year old my older brother took me to see the game in which Willie got his 3000th hit against Montreal. It was ball day, and all of the kids under 14 got a baseball. Willie had moved into a home not far from my parents, and after the game I announced that I was going to Willie’s house to wait for his arrival back home. I stood in the driveway and was rewarded when he returned home, rolled down his window, and asked what he could do for me. Willie signed the ball, and it still sits in my office. As a pastor and a police chaplain, I’m often asked to speak at DARE graduations, and I’ve done so for 15 years and before thousands of elementary school students. I often take the ball, but don’t show it to them at first. I talk about their hopes and dreams using my story from that day. Where are you going? What do you have in your hands? Who’s going to meet you? I tell the kids they are heading for their hopes and dreams, they have their gifts and talents in their hands, and their heroes are the ones that help them along the way. At the end of the story I pull out the ball to show that it really happened, and it always gets a great response. On that day and throughout my childhood, Mr. Mays, you were a hero to me. Thank you for your great career. God’s blessings to you on your birthday, and always. -Pastor Dave Moore

Happy Birthday Willie. My dad brought me to Candlestick Park when l was a kid to see a game. When you came on the field and made those catches, WOW. You made it look so easy to a kid.
My dad was born and raised in the City By the Bay. We are die hard Giants fans.

Happy Birthday Willie! My first knowledge of you was when my Dad took me to Seal Stadium in 1958. I’ve been a fan since! Hard to pick a greatest moment, but your World Series catch in 1954 is scene so much by film…it says ‘ Say Hey’!

Willie signed a ball for each of my children at
Don and Charlie’s in March, 2010.
Happy Bitthday Say Hey!!

Happy Birthday Willie, I was born the year the Giants moved to San Francisco, but my Dad ( a S.F. Native) always followed your career, so it was only natural to root for the GIANTS. My fondness memory of you just happened to be the Game against the Bums on the Day we landed on the Moon. It also was my first MLB game. I have even my Children (4) are also Willie Mays fans

Happy Birthday Willie. I’ve followed you since you played at the Polo Grounds! My uncle and I used to listen to the Bums and the Giants play on the radio in the early 50’s. We never missed one. It was you against the Duke, who was my uncle’s favorite; you were mine, of course. Now, my husband agrees with me that you are “the best all around baseball player” as you could hit, steal bases and were the best defensive player in the league. I still think you’re the best defensive player. My sister and I finally got to see you play in San Francisco in 1958. We were working in California for the summer and jumped at the idea of attending one of the games; very excited teenagers! WIshing the best to the “Say Hey” kid. -Lidia

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