Turn Back The Century – 1912

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Team Photo (check out the photos below to see the reaction to Brandon Belt wearing a SF sweatshirt over of his jersey)

TURN BACK THE CLOCK… The Giants and Cubs wore replica uniforms from 1912 today… Some  elements from today’s turn back the century game include:

• The scoreboard had a vintage look and videos were not shown.
• There was a roving barber shop quartets outside the gates.
• Giants photographers, ushers, security guards, grounds keepers and other staff wore 1912 era garb.
• Only organ music was played the entire game.


Fantastic. And these photos are wonderful.

THANKS! I hope you had a good time watching the game!

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I NEED a Romo photo!!!

No problem – check out “Quick Hits” tomorrow and we’ll be sure to include him for you.

These photos are incredible! I love the one of Crawford, Burriss, and Sanchez. Looks like the boys had a good time in the gear. I wish they had an alternate road or home jersey that was pinstripes!

I’m glad you like that shot – they were having a great time!

Thanks for the wonderful photos. It seems that the team had a lot with it! Thanks again!

how is it that i cannot find a picture of Lincecum in throwback gear anywhere?

Good question – maybe his time machine doesn’t go back to 1912… On a serious note we looked through all the photos and couldn’t find him in any of the shots – sorry

These photos show the beauty of what baseball used to be (or at least a slice). Baseball has such a rich history, and having a throwback game like this must have been an absolute ball. Much appreciation from a Royals fan in KC.

Very well said! I don’t know if you remember, but a few years ago the Giants did a Negro League/Turn Back The Clock day when we were in KC – we were the Brooklyn Royal Giants (I don’t remember who the Royals were). Everyone had a wonderful time sharing their knowledge of the Negro Leagues and thinking about what went before us (especially since the uniforms were not wool – sometimes “filtered” history is the best).

Where can I buy these photos? I want to see the Great Bum Bino! 🙂

Unfortunately we are not able to sell these images, but we are going to feature this day is the July issue of Giants Magazine so you could cut one out of there – although I’m not sure if The Great Bum Bino will be featured in any of the shots🙂

Thank you! I will definitely get a copy (or two!).

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