Good D

San Francisco Giants, S.F. Giants, photo, 2012, Angel PaganThe Giants beat the Chicago Cubs today by a two run margin.  The defense was particularly sharp this Sunday afternoon and Barry Zito pitched 8 and a third innings to grab a win.


That top picture of Pagan. Wow.

That shot of Ryan Theriot getting taken out at second is Amazing! I also love the one of Angel Pagan. Though I have to say they pale in comparison to the action shots I captured this morning — the blinding fury and lightning quick reflexes of twelve 3-5 year olds at their first soccer camp. Including four attempts by the little girl who completely missed the ball and kicked air every. single. time. then pumped her fist in the air in victory. The ball never moved. I hope someday the Giants will give you this kind of high drama to photograph. It’s so exhilarating!) 😀

Awesome! The picture I have in my head of the little girl is priceless.

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