Commercial Shoot

San Francisco Giants, S.F. Giants, photo, 2012, Sergio Romo

Star Wars Night

Sergio Romo brought his acting talents to yet another commercial shoot.  Working with SFG Productions and Baker St Advertising, Romo donned a variety of costumes to promote upcoming special events and giveaways.


Hilarious. I hope Romo knows we appreciate him being a good sport. We Dvr the games but still watch the giants commercials, they are that good. His singles night one cracks me up.

My husband and I just saw this post of Romo doing this Star Wars commercial. I was telling my husband “I’m telling you, this guy is going to make it in films!” and husby said “watch, he’s gonna get a lot of offers to play a part in movies!” I know, same thing. We are just so HAPPY AND PROUD to be GIANTS FANS!! GO GIANTS!!

He definitely is a character!

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