Turn Back The Clock – 1924

The Giants have been time traveling this year. We’ve gone from 2012, to the 1962 team reunion, to turning back the century to 1912, to the 2002 team reunion, to our final time-stop – 1924. Although the game didn’t go the Giants way, the team still looked great in the red, white & blue (& gray) of the New York Giants road uniform.  This jersey,  and the jersey and hat from our 1912 Turn Back The Clock game, can be purchased on the Giants web site.


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ahhh… Lincecum is in there this time! Good Job!😀

I made sure to get a photo of him for you this time!

Much obliged.

Those are soooooo stupid. It’s bad enough to see NY on them but in dodger blue and with yankee pinstripes?? Too much to handle!

Agree with the above

I *love* the old uniforms! It honors the history of the teams and the sport. And the black and white photography is the perfect complement. Lopez, Posey, and Vogelsong all look right at home in those uniforms. I think it’s the clean-shaven, short hair, old-time Americana look that does it. Side notes: Either that’s an illusion of the camera angle or Javi has *freakishly* long fingers (see the picture of him pointing). And second…why are Zito’s pants up under his armpits? I thought he was joking at first, but they’re still like that in the team picture. That doesn’t look…comfortable. Maybe he’s particularly long waisted? Thanks, as always, for sharing such great pictures.

I’m glad you like the photos (& he does have incredibly long fingers – good eye). As for Zito – what can I say, he was having fun joking around in the dugout and kept the look going out on the field…

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