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sf giants, san francisco giants, photo, 2012, matt cain, june 13, buster posey, perfect gameOver the past month we have been busy creating the July issue of Giants Magazine, but this one is a bit different.  We scrapped all the editorial pages we have been working on since April and dedicated the entire issue to Matt Cain’s Perfect Game.  This is definitely a special issue, where we talk to many of Matt’s teammates, coaches and fans about the game.  One section you won’t want to miss is where we sat down with Matt an watched all of his 27, hearing his thoughts and recollections about the game. Giants Magazine subscribers will be receiving this issue in the mail shortly, or starting tomorrow you can purchase your copy of the July issue of the magazine at the ballpark and Giants Dugout Stores or you can order it by mail at 1-800-442-6873.


Does this mean that if we have a subscription to the GMag that it will be our next shipment or do we need to buy it separately? Many have asked this question on FB but it has not been answered as of yet. Thank you in advance for your answer.

Sorry for the confusion! You will be receiving this as the July issue of Giants Magazine.

I can’t wait to buy it!!! How soon will it be in bookstores?

It will have our regular newsstand and bookstore distribution and be on the shelves next week.

Thank you so much for clearing that up. I left a message on the FB page as people were still asking about it. Thank you. It looks wonderful and we are all looking forward to its arrival.

I’m a Giants fan in SC. Can I get one by mail?

I am a fan from Kansas City (originally from San Jose) and would love one!

I just talked to our Retail Department, and everyone will be able to buy a copy of this issue and have it mailed to you. They can be reached at 1-800-442-6873. Thanks!

When is the earliest we can call and order?!

There will be someone there to take orders M-F 10am-5pm PT – happy reading!

I hoping it will be my local barnes and noble on fri, I have gone 2 days and its not there. I have gotten the last 2 issues there. I live in Modesto, and that is only major bookstore in town.

We left a message with the distributer to find out when it will be in that store – when we hear something we’ll let you know.


Since no Magazine in Modesto! I hope i can find next week!!

Someone is getting me the Magazine!! thanks

I’m glad your getting one – it’s definitely worth the wait!

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