July 16th, 2012

An All Star Thank You

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Pablo Sandoval, Matt Cain and Melky Cabrera thank 4 Superfans

Never before has one fan base so powerfully demonstrated their might to elect their players into the starting line up, nor has any single team dominated the Game quite like the Giants did this year.  Simply put, your votes played a very distinct role in helping the NL win this game.  As NL All-Star Ryan Braun put it, “Whoever ends up in the World Series (from the National League) should thank everybody in Giants Nation for their votes.”  Last Friday night we asked 4 superfans, Luis, Kevin, Michael and Tyler (representing the Melkmen) to join our All-Stars on the field and receive jersey’s signed by all the 2012 Giants All-Stars.

Happy Birthday – Eric Surkamp

sf giants, san francisco giants, photo, 2011, eric surkamp

Here are some Giants Gems for Eric Surkamp’s birthday from the 2012 Giants Media Guide – Happy Birthday Eric (and his great-grandfather)!

  • As a kid, Eric starred in three sports: he was a pitcher, a quarterback and a forward. But his dream was to play Major League baseball. His favorite player was Roger Clemens.
  • Nickname has always been E or Big E.
  • Called up to the Majors from the Richmond Flying Squirrels August 27, 2011. Eric’s parents and sister flew to San Francisco for his Major-League debut – and almost missed the first pitch. Their hotel was just a 10-minute walk, so they timed it so they’d arrive at AT&T Park 20 minutes before game time. But the lines were around the block with people waiting for their Tim Lincecum Bobbleheads. Desperate to get in, John approached an usher outside. “Look, I’ve never ever done this before, but my kid is going to pitch in 15 minutes and if I don’t get in there, I’m never going to forgive myself.’’ The usher said, “You’re Eric Surkamp’s father? Come with me.’’ He took them to the front of the line and got them right in. “I couldn’t thank him enough,’’ John said. “He told me, ‘Just remember to say something nice about the ushers.’’’
  • The only other lefty in the Surkamp family is Eric’s great-grandfather – and they were both born on July 16.
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