“Don’t Hurt Him”

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Duane Kuiper: “2 and 1.  Crawford with a base hit and THAT’S THE BALLGAME!  Belt will come in to score, and the Giants win this one in the bottom of the 9th inning.”

Mike Krukow: “Don’t Hurt Him.”

Then the fun began…


Don’t hurt him, indeed! But celebrate him wildly – he earned it. TOTALLY worth staying up until 1am CST. I’ll be exhausted tomorrow, but I’m going to bed happy. Go Giants! Stay hot, Crawford!

We hope you’re not dragging too much today!

Nice pictures Missy — did you take them?

yep, those are mine – I had a bunch of other photos I was going to run use, but the 9th inning was so exciting I decided to just run those.

And I’m glad you like the shots!

So do I! It’s like a running action movie🙂

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