The Boys Are Back In Town

sf giants, san francisco giants, photo, 2012, barry zito

Barry Zito

With The Glide Ensemble and Change Band doing pre-game entertainment, Marco Andretti throwing out the First Pitch and a tribute to Chipper Jones it was easy to see that baseball was back at AT&T Tonight.  Barry Zito kept the winning trend going by going 8 innings and only giving up 2 runs, while the Giants got him the win by scoring 5 runs on 9 hits.  Braves 2 – Giants 5

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Oh, that picture of Buster! You know, sometimes I actually lose sleep over knowing that somewhere out there, a thousand miles away, is a computer with high resolution versions of all the pictures on this blog and I am just one elaborate Wyle E. Coyote scheme away from reaching them. Meanwhile, I keep clicking them, hoping they’ll get bigger, but I’ve yet to find one that will bow to my will. As always, thank you for sharing them with us. : )

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