Happy Birthday – Eli Whiteside

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Here are some Giants Gems for Eli Whiteside’s birthday from the 2012 Giants Media Guide – Happy Birthday Eli!

  • He and his sister grew up on 80 acres of land owned by his grandfather, who raised cattle and grew corn though had a full-time job with Master-Bilt, which manufactures walk-in coolers. Eli helped bale hay and crush corn for feed.
  • Has prematurely gray hair. Says it started turning gray when he was a high school sophomore.  It went all gray when he started playing professional ball.
  • Eli wrote a paper for school in 8th grade about wanting to be a Major-League player when he grows up. “It’s in his blood to play ball,’’ his mother, Cindy, says. “He and his sister lived and breathed baseball and softball.’’
  • His nickname as a child was Scratch, for the scar on the left side of his face. He cut his face when he fell off his bicycle and landed on a broken tree limb.

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