WS – Game 3 – Finals


Brandon Crawford


Ryan Vogelsong

Tournament Time!

In game 3 Vogelsong made sure the Giants won the first 3 games of the World Series while having its starting pitchers earn the win while allowing no more than 1 run in each game – for the first time since 1937.  Game 3 was also the 5th time in franchise history  the Giants took a 2-0 lead in the World Series – the Giants won each of the previous 4 World Series when posting a 2-0 advantage…

The winners of each week’s tournament will be published in the 2013 Giants Yearbook.


Brandon Crawford  73.26%
Ryan Vogelsong  26.74%

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tough choice…vogelsong is inspiring… but i have such a weakness for great action shots depicting flying shortstops!

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