WBC – Let The Fun Begin!

WBC 2.34.46 PM

In honor of the first round of the WBC starting today (and BamBam beating South Korea in the first round) we wanted to highlight your San Francisco Giants who will be representing seven different countries in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Here are some quick links for anything you want to know about the World Baseball Classic:

WBC Homepage

Schedule and Ticket Information.

If you’re in the Bay Area be sure to check out all the information on the Championship Round which will be held at AT&T Park.

(Photo notes: BamBam is not pictured because he had to leave for Taiwan before the above photo was taken and due to injuries Andres Torres and Jose Mijares will miss this year’s WBC)


isn’t this incredibly wonderful?!

Panda, Scutaro and Mijares are Giant — Go Venezuela!

[Plug for Tyler LaTorre — a Santa Cruz guy]

yess go venezuela

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