One Common Goal


Great news!  We just received the first copy of our new book, One Common Goal, today and it looks fantastic.  It wasn’t easy to condense such an amazing season into 160 pages, but we love how the final product covers all the highlights (and low-lights) of the 178 games none of us will ever forget.  As you can tell by the cover, the book is very photo-heavy, but the text contributed by some of our players (Matt Cain, Hunter Pence, Pablo Sandoval and Ryan Vogelsong to name a few) makes it a fun book to read as well as look at (Personal note: “Three days later, on the stage in front of City Hall, I was older and wiser than when we won two years earlier.  I did not repeat my youthful, optimistic words of 2010.  So I will now.  Let’s do it again!” from Buster Posey is one of our favorite excerpts).

When the publisher brought our copy to the office he told us the rest of the books are “on the boat, heading to San Francisco right now”.  If you have already ordered a copy it is, literally, chugging it’s way to you, if you haven’t ordered one (we won’t ask why you haven’t) you can pre-order a copy by clicking here.

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