Walk Off Win!

It was an exciting night at AT&T Park, complete with a walk off win and a fireworks show.


Did you get tired of me “re-blogging” your post’s? I don’t see the option any more.😦

NEVER – We love it when you re-blog us! It must have been a WP hiccup, and we’re glad everything is working again.

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Wish I could have been at AT&T tonight but I am consoling myself with the fact that the Giants got the win and that my son was there to enjoy it!

We wish he could have been with us in Milwaukee — we could have used his good-vibes!

You made my day with this reply! I know Michael will feel the same as he has grown into a full blown Giants fan! I am so proud & to acknowledge it I ordered him a copy of “One Common Goal”. Thanks again for your kind reply! Another win today!

Well as it so happens my son is going to bring his “good vibes” to AT&T tonight. It is Michael’s 27th birthday & he has his new girl with him! I am hoping the camera’s will find him as I haven’t seen him in 2 long years. He is so excited to be there & I am hoping some of my SFGiants family can help make it special for him. He will be in Sec LB130 row 20 seats 9 & 10 and I adore him! hint hint🙂


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