Pixar Night

Last night, the Giants had a couple of special guests in attendance, Sully and Mike Wazowski from Monsters University.  They came to cheer on Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter while he threw the ceremonial first and pitch.  They also posed with fans during a pregame party in Seal’s Plaza and attended a presentation by MC Franco Finn and animator Keslsey Mann.


Great photos, but you got the names of the monsters the wrong way round🙂 Sully is the blue guy, Mike is the green one!

Looks like a great time! I wanted to attend but you guys just made it so unaffordable for a working family of 4! Unfortunately all the event nights are way too expensive !

I can’t wait to see the monsters university in the theaters. It will be a hilarious, and great movie to watch. You accidentally mix up the monstersnames. But great picture.

Thanks everyone for your comments – we know Luxo Jr. from Buzz Lightyear and Geri from Lightning McQueen, and thanks to you we now know Mike Wazowski from Sully!

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