The Best of the Best – Left Fielders

Since 1970 fans have been able to vote their favorite position players and last year Giants fans accepted the challenge and as The Sporting News put it, “MLB All-Star Game 20102: Giants fans know best; their guys lead NL rout”.  Voting has started to for the 2013 game so let’s keep the tradition going!

Between John McGraw managing the first All Star Game, to Bruce Bochy managing the next one, 88 players have represented the Giants in the Mid-Summer Classic.

It’s an impressive list of Left Fielders that closes out our look back at Giants All-Stars:

  1. Lefty O’Doul
  2. Jo-Jo Moore
  3. Joe Medwick
  4. Monte Irvin
  5. Jeffrey Leonard
  6. Kevin Mitchell
  7. Barry Bonds
  8. Moises Alou
  9. Melky Cabrera

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