Not Our No-No

It is always exciting to watch history, but the enthusiasm is dimmed when it happens against the Giants.  I know everyone who follows this blog are Giants, and baseball, fans and because of that I’m not sure what photos to add tonight.  The Giants fan in me only want to see photos of the Giants, while the baseball fan in me would like to see some shots of Homer Bailey.  So, I’ve done both (sort of).  For everyone who just wants to see Gregor Blanco’s walk you can check out the first photo and DO NOT SCROLL DOWN.  If, however, you would like to see a few shots of Bailey then you can check out the gallery below.

Cincinnati Reds' Homer Baily's No Hittter

Gregor Blanco’s walk in the 7th inning


On a lighter note, where the heck is Ryan Theriot?

Well, I think we need a better hitter manager can teach my Giants how to hit that ball

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