White House Visit

Today President Obama welcomed the San Francisco Giants to the White House to honor the team and their 2012 World Series Championship…the visit will continued the tradition begun by President Obama of honoring sports teams for their efforts to give back to communities.

We have also included all the photos in a slideshow:

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Congratulations, SF Giants!

Wow! What a bunch of good looking players – wish I was 40 years younger….LOL Even Kim Bochy wore an orange dress, & all the wives looked stunning! It was an awesome 2012, & this trip to the White House is most deserving. Hopefully, it will pick up morale for the rest of this season . . .

Thank you GIANTS!

The Giants of 2010 were awesome. The Giants of 2012 were awesomer! The Giants of 2013… well, my Giants are always awesome! Love my team!

P.S. Is there a way to see these as a slide show? Can’t really see the captions, and have to page back and forth… thanks!

We just added a slideshow at the end of the post – We hope that makes it easier to view!

great – thanks!

Slideshow of your great SF Giants pics?! Making a good thing better! Thank you

looking good giants!!!❤

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SLIDESHOWS of SF GIANTS photos every day?! Life is good!!

Thanks for all the great photos! A lot of fans are wondering where Angel Pagan was. Was he not able to come or was he not allowed to since he’s on the disabled list??

Wow! Awesome pix! Thanks for sharing this monumental day in the life of our monumental Giants!!!

Love it! Such great pics! Thank you.

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