Boston Strong

As the Giants began this series with the Boston Red Sox we remembered the tragedy that occurred on April 15 during the Boston Marathon.   On that terrible day, a much celebrated Boston tradition was attacked and the city and its people tested.  The result was a display of excellence by the city’s great public servants, a furthered sense of unity and support among its citizens, and a powerful reminder of the strength of the city of Boston and our great nation to stand in the face of adversity.

The Giants welcomed two special guests to throw out the first pitches at the game tonight, Amanda North and Aaron Hern.  While watching her daughter run the marathon, Amanda saw a wounded stranger lying on the sidewalk, she called for help and offered comfort, ultimately helping to save the strangers life.  At 12 years old, Aaron was was one of the youngest to be affected, he suffered ear trauma, severe leg damage, and nightmares about that day, but has been fighting hard to put the event behind him.

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