Exit Sandman

I’ll tell you what… I’m glad it wasn’t a save opportunity for him and that we were winning, and ultimately won today, but seeing Yankee Stadium was definitely something that was awesome and that I won’t forget. – George Kontos (@G_Kontos)

I was telling myself warming up that I’m going to get to pitch at Yankee Stadium, obviously, I didn’t get a chance to see Babe Ruth play, or Lou Gehrig, or Joe DiMaggio. To be able to compete on the same mound against Mariano – he toed the rubber before I did today – was pretty sweet for me. – Sergio Romo


Awesome pictures of the ceremony!

Even as a life-long and faithful Giants fan, Rivera is, by far, the greatest reliever. I congratulate him on his awesome career. He definitely deserves HOF on the first round of voting.

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