Robin Williams


Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing.

Robin Williams you have made me laugh so hard i felt great after. I wished i knew you personally so that i’ll make you laugh as hard to help diminish any sadness you feel! Thank you for your wonderful sense of humor and for your natural unique talent of making people giggle every which way!! You have a place in heaven!
God got you be happy and be renewed up there!

God bless you Robin…one of the greatest comedians / actors ever…”Best of Times” my favorite RW movie….miss you , my friend😦

Thanks for all the laughter , smiles , tears, and memories . You are and will be truly missed robin. You showed the world how to laugh and now you bring us together to morn .may the world learn from you in every way possible you ..

thanks Robin for all the laughs. You will be miss so much. Whish we could have helped you. Rest in peace you are free from the demons now. God bless your family and you friends.

Be at peace my freind and thank you for the memories you will never be forgotten xoxo Tanya

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