Filipino Heritage Night 2016


Filipino dancers from Parangal Dance Company perform at O’Doul Plaza before the game.


Dancers perform an intricate dance that involves balancing a glass of water.


A dancer balances a glass of water on her head while spinning around O’Doul Plaza.


Filipino dancers perform in elaborate attire.


In addition to a performance at O’Doul Plaza, dancers perform on the field before the game.


The stunning performance by Parangal Dance Company attracts a large crowd at O’Doul Plaza.


The Likha Philipino Folk Ensemble performs in celebration of Filipino Heritage Night.


The Likha Pilipino Folk Ensemble smile for a photo after performing on the field at AT&T Park.

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Thank you so much for celebrating Filipino Heritage and for having Parangal Dance Comoany perform at O’Doule Gate

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