Orange Friday Happy Hour 2016


Orange Friday Happy Hour provides fans the opportunity to listen to a live band before the game while enjoying a cold glass of beer.


Fans sing to the lyrics of an 80’s song.


Several bands perform at Orange Friday Happy hour including Neon Velvet, Tainted Love – The Best of the 80’s Live, and Foreverland.


Fans take a selfie at Orange Friday Happy Hour before the game.


Michael Jackson tribute band, Foreverland, performs at Seals Plaza.


Trumpet performers, members of Foreverland, dance to the beat of the music.


Singer of Neon Velvet encourages fans to dance at Orange Friday Happy Hour.


A fan decked out in orange apparel dances with energy. 


Orange Friday Happy Hour allows fans to relax at AT&T Park before the game. 


Main singer of the band Neon Velvet performs a Prince song.


Lead singer of Tainted Love – The Best of the 80’s Live, performs “Take On Me” at Seals Plaza.

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