LEGO Day 2016


SF Giants Fans build LEGO masterpieces at Seals Plaza in celebration of LEGO Day at At&T Park.


Mark Roe, a LEGO Master Builder, discusses his process while building LEGO figures.


Giants fans of all ages gather at Seal’s Plaza to build SF Giants-themed LEGO structures.


Lou Seal helps to unveil the new LEGO Giants figure.


A variety of LEGO pieces are accessible for fans to build.


A SF Giants fan dresses up as a LEGO Figure in celebration of LEGO Day.


Fans build creative, vibrant, Giants-themed masterpieces.


Fans that attended LEGO Day received a Lou Seal Buildable figure.


LEGO Bumgarner, built by Mark Roe, took 320 hours to construct and weighs 180 pounds.

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