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Happy 80th Birthday Davey!

Tonight was a very special evening. For more than 50 years, Jim Davenport has played various roles within the Giants organization. He was an All-Star third baseman and Gold Glove winner in 1962, while playing alongside future Hall of Famers Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry.  After a 13 year career as the Giants third baseman, this Forever Giant continued to contribute to the organization as a third base coach, a manager, and in various roles throughout our minor league system. A native of Suluria, Alabama, he signed with the Giants in 1958 and is still serving as a special assistant for Brian Sabean and our baseball operations department.

This past Saturday, on August 17th, Davey celebrated his 80th birthday and tonight Giants fans were able to wish him a Happy Birthday and thank him for his on-going service to the San Francisco Giants organization.

View Level Timeline – Part 1

In 2008, to celebrate our 50th anniversary in San Francisco  we installed a timeline on the View Level at the ballpark which highlighted some of our great players and amazing moments.  We know that all of our fans are not able to come to a game at the park, or those who do may not be old enough to remember some of our alumni.  For this road trip we decided to showcase the timeline and give everyone a bit more information about the moments.  Today we are checking out our first few years in San Francisco, from Seals Stadium to winning the 1962 Pennant.

sf giants, san francisco giants, photo, 2012, seals stadium, view level timeline, at&T park

The first panel highlights our time at Casa Grande and Seals Stadium

sf giants, san francisco giants, photo, 2012, candlestick park, opening day, view level timeline, at&T park

The second one showcases Opening Day at Candlestick Park in 1960

sf giants, san francisco giants, photo, 2012, 1962, view level timeline, at&T park

While the third one focuses on the 1962 World Series Team


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