April 14th, 2014

Shawn Estes

shawn estes, sf giants, photo

On Thursday Madison Bumgarner became first Giants pitcher to hit a grand slam since Shawn Estes did it on May 24, 2000 vs. Montreal.


Giants Pitchers to hit a Grand Slam (All-Time):

 Player                                   Date                      OPP

Madison Bumgarner       4/11/2014            COL

Shawn Estes                      5/24/2000            MTL

Monte Kennedy                 7/03/1949            BRK

Roy Parmelee                    7/17/1934            CHC

Freddie Fitzsimmons      5/10/1931            CHC

Bill Walker                         5/05/1930            PIT

Mule Watson                     6/08/1924            PIT


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